my drawings.....they are made with simple materials (pencils, pens and markers on paper) and investigate how we live and interact as a society. In all of my drawings, I draw upon a lexicon of imagery that I have been developing over the past years.

The works are imbued with lively human interaction and with environments that are suggestive of an event or place, yet these are left as starting points, fragmented moments in an unending narrative. Anthropomorphized houses, woven & knotted forms and crowds of little figures in social situations are all recurring characters in my perpetual visual investigation.

In some cases, the drawings become the basis for my animations, using the same compositional and thematic elements - thus making the animation a counterpoint to the still image.

After I decide the drawing is finished, I start the time consuming task of scanning them. Because my work has a lot of white and lines it is hard to photograph them. The process goes like this, I use a standard scanner and the works are about 20"x24", I scan them in about 6 to 8 times, after that I use photoshop to put them together. I would love to upgrate to a professional large format scanner when the time/ $ is right. It would be so nice to just scan the drawing in one time.